Two asteroids pass close by the Earth

A few days ago, astronomers detected two asteroids that passed between the Moon and the Earth. It has to be said that neither of them had a trajectory that was threatening to our planet.

The first asteroid, named 2018 CC, passed close by the Earth on Tuesday, February 6. Interestingly, this was just minutes before the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. Astronomers from the Catalina Sky Survey investigation programme (funded by NASA) confirmed that it was a rocky body, measuring15 - 30 metres wide. On Friday, February 9, the second asteroid, 2018 CB, passed much closer to the Earth, at a distance of 64,000 km. This asteroid’s passing was followed closely, as it is larger than one that entered the atmosphere near Chelyabinsk (Russia) five years ago.

Asteroids of this size do not generally get so close to Earth, so when they do astronomers keep a close watch on them. At Albanyà Astronomical Observatory, we also wanted to pay close attention to this event.

Below is a link with additional information: Dos asteroides se han acercado a la Tierra


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