The sky and the stars as a tourist attraction

Two days before the inauguration of Albanyà Astronomical Observatory, ARA newspaper dedicated an article to the new facility, indicating that it was an initiative by Bassegoda Park campsite to promote astro-tourism. “We dove in head first on this one, but the profile of the astro-tourist fits perfectly with the people who come to our campsite: they’re people who respect the countryside and are looking for peace and quiet, and who appreciate the natural surroundings” stated the director of the Observatory, Pere Guerra.

The quality of the night sky in La Muga valley is one of the aspects highlighted in the article, which states that some time ago the campsite already reduced its light emissions to the bare minimum. It also explains that Albanyà Town Council changed the town’s public lighting to help contribute to the reduction.

Below is a link to the news article: El cel i les estrelles com a atractiu turístic

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