Albanyà Observatory is fully automated and is endowed with the newest generation astronomical equipment, among which the largest telescope in the province of Girona. Its advanced facilities allow from astronomy outreach, for true beginners, to scientific research, for professional astronomers.

The main instrument from the observatory is a 16-inch-catadioptric Meade ACF (406mm), with an F8 focal installed on a 10Micron GM3000 HPS equatorial mount.

The secondary one is a triple apochromatic TS ED80mm refractor. This instrument provides the observatory with great versatility, as it allows wide spectrum astrophotography, as well as solar chromosphere observation thanks to an Alpha Daystar Quark Chromosphere (0.3-0.5A) hydrogen filter.

The main camera is a Moravian G4-9000, with a KAF-9000 chip, assembled on a 7-position filter holder wheel, with H-Alpha, OIII, S-II narrowband filters and Johnson-V photometric filters, as well as a special filter for exoplanet research.

The secondary one is an Atik Infinity video camera, appropriate for video astronomy beamer sessions.

The observatory is equipped with a 4-metre fully automated dome. 205w