The observatory with the largest telescope in Girona

In its edition published on Monday 3 July, LA VANGUARIA newspaper included detailed information on the inauguration of the Observatory. The report highlights that, even though Albanyà is a small town, “it has been on the world map for some time now” as a result of its privileged location, which protects it from “the light pollution of nearby cities and towns, and makes it one of the best places in Catalonia and Western Europe for stargazing.”

The article refers to all the initiatives organised at the Bassegoda Park campsite and in the municipality in recent years related to astronomy and the idea of building an “astronomical observatory unique to the area”, which was inaugurated on Saturday, July 1.

The use of the facilities for scientific research and education, and the recognition of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) as the first International Dark Sky Park in the country are some of the other aspects highlighted by LA VANGUARDIA.

Below is a link to the news article: Albanyà estrena un observatorio con el telescopio más grande de Girona

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