(Duration: 18 h in 2 days)

Are you interested in knowing more about the Universe? At the Observatori Astronòmic Albanyà we offer workshops for teachers, in order to give them pedagogical resources. You can use them for your scholar curriculum, for elementary and high school.

The formation includes:

  • How to use a virtual planetarium (Stellarium) and identify the main constellations.
  • Astronomy and telescope history.
  • Pedagogical explanations about the Sun and most of the Solar System planets.
  • Basic mathematical activities taht can be made on many levels (for example, calculating Earth's diameter).
  • Astronautics basics: Apollo project explanation, which brought the Humankind to the Moon, and explanations about robotic missions to planet Mars.
  • Stars and galaxies: explanation of the Universe on a broad scale.
  • A stargazing session.

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