What are Starlight skies?

Starlight skies

Starlight Foundation counts with a certifying system with which spaces with an excellent sky quality that represent an example of protection and preservation get recognized.

Such settings incorporate skygazing as a part of their natural, landscape, cultural or scientific heritage and, in turn, promote Star Tourism.

Such certifying system is supported by UNESCO, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

In 2015, Bassegoda Park, which is part of the grounds where the observatory is found, became the first campsite in the Iberian Peninsula accredited by the Starlight Foundation.

The Foundation applies the title “Starlight Camp” to accredited facilities that organise activities aimed at promoting knowledge of the night sky as part of nature, and that promote sustainable tourism that is respectful to the environment and protects the night sky.

In addition, in order to qualify, a Starlight Camp must demonstrate a high level of quality. The Foundation also takes into account the activities organised by the campsite, its target customers, the facilities available and its geographic location.

For the first time, the Starlight Certification allows for a combination of science and tourism. To do this, it makes the most of astronomy and the view of the heavens as a tool for a new kind of intelligent tourism.



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