More telescopes pointing up at Girona’s skies

In its Monday, June 12 edition, EL PUNT AVUI newspaper mentioned the upcoming inauguration of Albanyà Astronomical Observatory, highlighting that the new facility will serve as an additional tourist magnet in the Girona region. “We’re promoting it as a tourist attraction for the people who come to our campsite, and also for anyone interested in astro-tourism who can come here from the hotels on the Costa Brava”, states Pere Guerra, director and promoter of the Observatory.

The text emphasises the fact that the new facility benefits from its natural surroundings and its location far away from large urban centres, which guarantees low levels of light pollution and makes it perfect for stargazing. In addition, the newspaper reminds readers that Bassegoda Park campsite obtained the recognition of the Starlight Foundation, and that Albanyà is awaiting its certification as a Dark Sky Park.

Below is a link to the news article: Albanyà

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