Albanyà, the perfect place for seeing the stars

Albanyà’s new status as the first location in Catalonia and Spain recognised for its dark sky was the opening story on 324 news channel website on July 3 dedicated to the inauguration of the Astronomical Observatory. The report highlights that the municipality is one of the smallest in the Alt Empordà region, with a very low population density and huge forested areas, elements that make it practically free from light pollution and, as a result, “the perfect place for astronomical observations.”

The article notes that the observatory is the largest in the Girona area, and that it can be used to “see galaxies which are over 50 light-years away from the Earth, allowing for research on planets beyond the solar system.”

Below is a link to the news article: Albanyà, primer certificat 'cel fosc', un lloc ideal per veure les estrelles

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